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The KCA discusses the challenges of the private sector with Minister Hajdari and the Office of the Prime Minister

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The priorities of the Government, the challenges that businesses are facing during the exercise of their activity, as well as the laws that the KCA considers that the Government should urgently address were some of the topics discussed at the meeting between representatives of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce (KCA) , Minister of Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade, Rozeta Hajdari and Chief of Cabinet of the Prime Minister, Luan Dalipi.

Kosovo Chamber of Commerce through a press release announced that there is an immediate need to create an offer for potential investors to do business in the country, since for more than 20 years, Kosovo has not managed to present a concrete offer this way.

According to the KCA, it is extremely necessary to work on the division of economic zones depending on the priority, the completion of existing economic zones, the creation of a functional Law on Internal Trade, the Law on Mines and Minerals, the Law on Maternity Leave and the Law of Labor, extension of the 8% VAT rate for the gastronomy sector and the full release of raw materials and accompanying material for manufacturing businesses.

While, Minister Hajdari thanked the representatives of the KCA for sharing the concerns of the business community and stressed that as the Minister they are currently oriented towards the creation of industrial policies, given that as such they have been missing.

Hajdari added that the Government is currently working to change many laws, but it should be understood that the drafting of the latter takes time.

The Chief of Cabinet of the Prime Minister, Luan Dalipi informed that the Government has not continued to maintain the low VAT rate in the gastronomy sector, as according to statistical data of the VAT application period in the amount of 8%, compared to In the previous period, it was not observed to show positive effects, either in reducing prices or increasing salaries for employees.

"The KCA submitted to Minister Rozeta Hajdari and the Chief of Cabinet of the Prime Minister, Luan Dalipi, the requests of the business community for the necessary changes in laws and administrative instructions, as an urgent need to increase our production and export capacities," the statement said. ./21Media