10 injured police officers and one citizen

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Ten police officers were injured by grenade launchers thrown during a police operation against smuggling in northern Kosovo. The Director of Kosovo Police, Sabedin Mehmeti, in a press conference said that one of the persons involved in the attack on police officers was injured.

Mehmeti announced that out of 10 officials, 7 are Albanians, while the injured person has a criminal record accused of aggravated theft.

"10 officials were injured, 7 Albanians, three of them investigators, three operators of the special unit and three rapid reaction. One of the people involved in the attack on officials was also injured. We have not yet confirmed whether he was injured by the Police or by the shots he received from the citizens ", said Mehmeti.

The pharmacy in the north that was the target of the operation belongs to an Albanian, while the anti-smuggling operation was carried out in 26 other locations in Kosovo. Investigations have been underway for this operation for 1 year.

Several vehicles were damaged in this action. There are marks with long guns and grenades.

Further, Mehmeti stated that the Kosovo Police has arrested 8 suspects, while 10 other persons are wanted. He called on citizens to cooperate with the Police for their location.

Mehmeti added that it is suspected of leaking information.

The situation in the north is now calm.21Media