100 festivals are committed to combating sexual violence

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More than 100 festivals in the UK including Parklife and Boardmasters are committed to combating sexual violence.

Festivals have vowed to take a leadership-led approach to violence survivors.

Dr Hannah Bows of Durham University said research had shown that sexual violence was a "common experience for festival participants especially women" and "often minimized or ignored".

Nearly half of female attendees under the age of 40 said they had encountered unwanted sexual behavior at a music festival.

How can sexual assaults at festivals be stopped?

Associate professor of criminal law Dr Bows said that despite stories of rapes and sexual assaults "hitting the headlines most of the summer, little attention has been paid to the issue from festivals".

Charities including the Rape Crisis in England and Wales, Good Night and Safe Concerts for Women have provided input and guidance for the initiative, which was originally launched in 2017.

The best practice charter, signed by 103 festivals in the UK, states that all allegations of sexual assault, violence and harassment will be taken seriously, acted upon promptly and investigated.

Festivals, including Reading and Leeds, El Dorado and Latitude, will strive to provide a safe environment for audiences, performers and workers alike.21Media