53 tied dogs were caught while being sent to the slaughterhouse

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Dozens of dogs were rescued from turning into dog meat after they were found tied to sacks in the truck just when they arrived at an Indonesian slaughterhouse.

The shocking video shows the moment when police and animal activists intercepted the meat trader's vehicle in Sukoharjo, on the Indonesian island of Java and found 53 dogs.

Terrified dogs, mostly stolen pets, were found tied up in sacks and their muzzles tightly tied with string and cable, after enduring a grueling 10-hour journey, rtv21.tv reports.

The truck was stopped by police in the early hours of Wednesday morning, just arrived at an illegal dog meat slaughterhouse, where 30 dogs are slaughtered every day, and the driver was arrested on suspicion of being a dog meat trader.

The 53 dogs rescued from the slaughterhouse received urgent veterinary treatment from activists before traveling back to a temporary shelter where they will be cared for.

The dogs are unlikely to be reunited with their families, but activists are making local calls. If they are unable to find their owners, they will be adopted in Indonesia, while some will be sent to a shelter in Canada where they can be adopted.

In Indonesia, there is no nationwide ban on the dog meat trade. While the government has pledged to crack down on trade, it has been regional governments that have taken action so far.21Media