70 farmers are assisted with heifers

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The Municipality of Skenderaj, in cooperation with the charity organization "Islamic Relief", during today have provided support to 70 farmers of this municipality.

From the budget of the municipality and the organization in question, farmers are supported with heifers, where the total value of this grant is over 100 thousand euros.

Before the beneficiaries of these grants, the mayor of Skenderaj, Bekim Jashari, thanking the donor for the assistance provided, announced that in the coming days will be distributed other grants.

"Besides this grant, for the farmers of our municipality, we are on the verge of completing the procedures for the distribution of 74 greenhouses and the support of 32 families with chickens and coop", said Jashari.

Jashari is further happy for the fact that the Municipality of Skenderaj for 2022 is planned to award grants worth 500 thousand euros.

"I am happy that as a municipality for next year we have allocated 200 thousand euros budget for grants and together with donors are planned to allocate grants worth over 500 thousand euros," said Jashari.21Media