The CEC will ask the government to suspend restrictions on movement on election day

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The Central Election Commission will address the Government of Kosovo with a request to suspend the restriction of movement of citizens for 48 hours, in the period when voting for local elections in Kosovo. This is what was decided at today's meeting of the CEC.

Such a request was also made by the CEC Secretariat.

"We all agree that with you to the Government of Kosovo with a request to suspend the curfew for 48 hours", he said.

At today's CEC meeting, the Chief of the CEC Secretariat, Burim Ahmetaj, announced that 20 political election rallies have been reported in violation of anti-Covid measures, covering the period from September 16 to October 11.

"From September 16 to October 11, according to reports from the municipal election commissions, so far 896 requests for political rallies have been submitted, according to CEC rules and protection measures by the Kosovo government. According to the reports we have so far, 20 political rallies were held without considering the election rules and the government's decision on protection measures against Covid 19, while 896 other political rallies approved by the MEC and the police 181 of them although reported , have not been held at all ", said Ahmetaj.

Among other things, the secretariat has recommended that only one observer from a political entity be allowed in each polling station, due to the pandemic situation.

"To be allowed in each polling station due to pandemic conditions, due to the circumstances and the large number that may be in the polling station, we have the recommendation to allow only one observer from a political entity on election day who will be present on each polling station, and the same can be constantly changed by the requests of political entities, but the presence should be the same time only by one observer ", said Ahmetaj.

He also announced that until October 12, the CEC has received 3 packages that are supposed to be ballots from outside Kosovo.

"Currently we are in the voting period outside Kosovo, a period which started on September 15 and will end on October 15, until October 12, the CEC has received a total of 3 thousand 481 supposed packages with ballots… Will be accepted ballot packages until October 15, until 23:59 ”, he said.

In the October 17 election, polling station managers will be tasked with asking polling stations for evidence of vaccination, a negative PCR test, or evidence that they have passed the virus in the last six months.

While such a thing does not apply to the citizens of Kosovo who will be voters on October 17.

Also, the CEC has announced that persons who also have the citizenship of Northern Macedonia will be able to vote where the identification will be done electronically.

At the CEC meeting it was announced that there are 3292 voters with special needs.

While it has been announced that the printing of the final voter lists has been completed and they have arrived at the central CEC depot and the process of printing the forms is underway.

The number and composition of mobile teams has been finalized and it has been announced that there will be 194 mobile teams, 109 for people with special needs and 87 for people infected with Covid-19.