France will pay 38 million citizens with 100 euros each

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The French government has announced that it will pay 100 euros to each citizen, whose net monthly income is 2,000 euros or less, to help cope with rising fuel and energy prices.

These payments will be received by about 38 million French people, including those who do not drive a car or motorcycle.

The payment of 100 euros will be tax-free and the French Prime Minister, Jean Castex said that it would cost the government 3.8 billion euros, reports.

Europe is facing widespread dissatisfaction as world energy prices soared, largely as a result of high demand from businesses recovering from Covid’s long-running paralysis. Energy market turmoil has had a negative effect, disrupting supply chains and causing some shortages of fuel and other consumer goods.

About 13 million pensioners and two-thirds of students will be among those who will receive 100 euros.21Media