German Ambassador-Rakiqi: Comparison of today's action with "Crystal Night" is unacceptable

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The German Ambassador to Kosovo, Jörn Rohde, reacted to the Kosovo Serbian Minister, Goran Raki,, who compared today's action of the police and customs in different parts of the country against smuggling and organized crime with the "Crystal Night" ( pogrom of Nazi Germans against Jews).

The German ambassador called this comparison by Rakic ​​unacceptable. According to Rohde, ksuch comparisons contribute to stories of Holocaust distortion and denial.

"We can no longer bear it, all that is left is to take our air. "This has been like the Crystal Night for us," Rakic ​​was quoted as saying during a meeting in Raska with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

Today, a police operation was carried out against the smuggling of goods in Prishtina, Peja, South Mitrovica and North Mitrovica. While in all other regions the police operation passed without problems, in the north of Mitrovica organized criminal groups have gathered, created roadblocks with various means of transport, used gas cylinders, shock bombs, firearms shots and hand grenades, for the purpose of obstructing and attacking customs and police officers who have been in the line of duty.