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Hajdari: The principles of good governance are bringing confidence to investments in Kosovo

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The Minister of Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade, Rozeta Hajdari, stated that the rise of Kosovo in the Corruption Perception Index is a result of the commitment of the Kurti government to increase confidence in investments in our country, as she said, based on the principles of accountability, accountability and transparency.

Hajdari said that today's result from the Organization "Transparency International" brings Kosovo increasing by 17 positions in the world ranking for 2021.

"The principles of good governance are bringing confidence for investments in our Republic.
One of the main references for the evaluation of any investor interested in investing in Kosovo, anywhere in the world, is the "Corruption Perception Index". Today's result from Transparency International, in the latest study on the Corruption Perceptions Index, brings Kosovo up 17 places in the world rankings for 2021. The commitment of our government under the leadership of Prime Minister Kurti, to fight corruption, with the principles of responsibility, accountability and transparency, are a guarantee for good governance and increase confidence in investments in the Republic of Kosovo ", Hajdari wrote on Facebook.

Hajdari finally emphasized that the Kurti II Government is a guarantee for development and integration, with more jobs and justice in our Republic.21Media