Kosovo Police: The situation in the north is calm

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Kosovo Police has announced that the police operation against smuggling has ended and the situation in the northern part of Mitrovica is calm.

Further, the Police has announced that in cooperation and coordination with the justice authorities it is conducting intensive investigations towards the identification of suspects who have carried out attacks with dangerous tools and firearms against police and customs officials.

In the anti-smuggling operation, as a result of the shooting with various deadly means towards police officers, it was reported that 10 police officers suffered bodily injuries, of which 7 officers of Albanian nationality and 3 officers of Serbian nationality. Also, based on initial information, one of the persons involved in the attack on police officers was injured.

Police have arrested 8 people suspected of smuggling goods and 10 other people have been declared wanted by the police.

Also, various smuggled goods and evidence in the amount of hundreds of thousands of euros were seized, which serve as material evidence, which were located in different locations such as business premises, warehouses / warehouses, etc.

According to the Police, the purpose of this police operation was to prevent and combat smuggling in some regions of Kosovo (Pristina, Peja, Mitrovica South, Mitrovica North and Zvecan), respectively control of 26 suspected locations, seizure of smuggled goods and arrest of persons suspected of involvement in smuggling./21Media