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Kurti: We paved the way for an important process to strengthen justice and democracy

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Prime Minister Albin Kurti has made a summary of the decisions that the Government of Kosovo has taken today.

At its 39th meeting, the Government adopted 34 decisions.

Kurti said that today they have paved the way for an important process for strengthening the justice and democracy of our state, referring to the vetting process.

"The working group, established by the Ministry of Justice, and consisting of representatives of the judiciary and prosecution, civil society and experts in the field, have drafted the Concept Paper and proposed the methodology of the Vetting process, through voting on constitutional amendments, which will allowed sufficient space for drafting the Vetting Law. Considering that the current legal overview allows space for the vetting process, through the amendment of relevant laws, the Working Group has proposed as a second option, the realization of the vetting process through legal changes, "wrote Kurti on Facebook.

In response to the effects of the pandemic, the Government has approved the draft law regarding the financing of the Kosovo Response to the COVID-19 pandemic for small and medium enterprises.

The government has authorized the Ministry of Health to negotiate additional vaccines, until, as Kurti wrote, the complete immunization of the population, respectively at the end of the health emergency.

Funds were also allocated for the co-financing of seven capital projects in municipalities, in the fields of infrastructure and environment, together with UN Habitat.21Media