The court of Peja sentences the rapist of the 8-year-old to only 15 months in prison

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An unusual decision was issued two months ago by the Judge of the Basic Court in Peja, Florije Zartriqi. She sentenced a person accused of raping a 15-year-old girl to only 8 months and 8 days in prison, although according to the law the sentence provided in such cases is estimated at 5 to 20 years in prison.

In addition to the sentence, this decision was made unusual by the fact that Judge Zatriqi failed to find any aggravating circumstances against the accused, while in his favor he found 10 mitigating circumstances, including the circumstance that the victim did not suffer during the rape. injuries.
The event for which this sentence was imposed, according to the indictment, took place in January 2012.

The indictment describes that the 15-year-old minor at the time was leaving the hospital when he was threatened with a knife and then taken by the accused KP together with a minor, who then sent him to a house in uninhabited.

According to the prosecution, after the victim was sent to that house, the juvenile called another juvenile and there the three of them raped the 15-year-old overnight.

The minor had managed to escape from that house in the morning and immediately reported the case to the Police. For these actions in the session of July 12 of this year, the accused KP had pleaded guilty.

At the end of the decision, the judge justified the low sentence imposed on KP based on the mitigating circumstances that he had behaved correctly, expressed regret, pleaded guilty, during the act the victim did not suffer injuries, is no longer convicted first, there is no other procedure against him, he was 21 years old, he was immature, he has children and almost 10 years have passed since the criminal offense was committed.

Moreover, this case is made even more serious by the fact that the already convicted KP will not be sent to prison for a single day, as the accused has spent this time in detention./