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Rising prices, citizens demand the intervention of the Government

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Rising prices of electricity, oil, oil, sugar, flour, but also many other food products in Kosovo continue to be a problem for citizens, who say that businesses are not controlled by the state.

They stated that the rise in prices in the country has become a trend, while the Government of Kosovo is not reacting.

The president of the association "Consumer", Selatin Kaçaniku told Kp that the country's executive had to react from the beginning when there was an increase in the price of energy and other products.

As for the increase in the price of bus tickets, he said that as an organization they have warned about this phenomenon since two weeks ago.

"We have reacted since two weeks ago for the initiative to increase the prices of local, urban and inter-urban tickets and we appeal this reaction, these sighs were not heard by the Government, nor by the Ministry of Trade and Industry where the infrastructure was part of. quality, department and office for consumer protection, neither the Ministry of Justice, nor anyone. This hurts a lot because when no one listens to you it feels like you are an orphan, so there have been, there are and I am afraid that there will be ongoing price increases not because they are reasonable but because an appetite for a stormy rise in prices has developed. prices, a stamp of rising prices, a trend and if you do not raise the price you are not the trend in the economy, you are not the trend in the market. Rising prices of emergencies such as electricity, fuels, etc., which is the raw material for production for which any production naturally and logically affects the chain of price increases. Therefore, the Government had to react from the beginning, to influence electricity, to influence fuels, to influence all other types of electricity, even the issue of gas has been a more popular and facilitating decision. So since this has not happened, all of them look with an eagle eye, with a sly eye if the Government does not react, then they react and here is the chain, so after oil, after electricity, after all this fuss, the upward trend has become pricing, we have an unstoppable stampeto and this unstoppable stampeto i am afraid is out of the hands of the Government. The government, arguing that prices are regulated by the market, then must put the market into action, if the market The government can not put into action, then we have no market, if we do not have a market, then why do the laws not work, if the laws do not work, "there would be a market if it acted and there would be a market as a price regulator," he said.

Whereas, Fadil Berjani, the president of the association of oilmen of Kosovo stated that the increase of the oil price is no longer related to the increase of demining of other things.

"Prices in Kosovo today range from Diesel 1.18 to 1.26 Gasoline 1.22 to 1.31. The price is determined by the stock exchange and the production organization OPEC. When we have a reduction in production, prices rise. The citizens of the Republic of Kosovo are being served at the cheapest prices in the region. Except for Northern Macedonia, which has cheaper diesel than us, because the excise tax is cheaper by 22 cents per liter. As for gasoline, the price is the same as ours. Prices in Albania, Diesel is 1.50 cents Gasoline 1.52 cents. We are cheaper in prices than Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania. As for the price of bus tickets, it is normal that the increase in the price of oil also affects, but as far as the increase in the price of foodstuffs is concerned, the increase in the price of fuel has no effect. We have the case last year where the price of fuel was on sale in Kosovo 78 cents, but the markets have abused high prices, they could not be called because the prices of fuel are high ", he said in the response sent.

Meanwhile, the citizens also reacted to the price increase.

Afrim Abdullahu said that this price increase is not right and that the executive must react.

"It is not okay to increase prices. The government needs to react, it is not right. The food industry is affordable but someone does not have and it is not okay to raise prices. The bus ticket, this, that, why increase me only that they can. "There is no state, so it is not good," he said.

Whereas, Halil Sylejmani said that he believes that this is a trend in the world which will overtake Kosovo

"I did not buy anything, I do not know but of course the trend is also European according to some things, but even here it can not be done differently. "Certainly prices have risen and they will certainly follow the trend in the Balkans and in Europe," he said.