Shkodra: "Jalifat Publishing" donated 100 books to the Tuzi library

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In the manifestation "Shkodra Meetings October 2021", which was held yesterday in Shkodra under the auspices of the "Gazette of the Alps", and which was attended by many personalities from around the world, was present the publishing house "Jalifat Publishing" from Houston, USA- ve, represented by its director, Mr. Ramiz Tafilaj. This publishing house and Mr. Tafilaj, Tuzi City Library, represented in these meetings leads Mr. Nikolle Camaj, donated 100 recently published books, where the main place was occupied by the works of the historian and writer Jusuf Buxhovi: "Kosovo - short story", "Macedonia", "Dardania" and recent novels: "The file B ”,“ Mona ”and“ Notes of Gjon Nikolle Kazazi ”.
Buxhov's works were also in high demand by the "Association of Bosniaks for Equality in Sandzak".

The American publisher undertook to send all English publications to this association within a short time.

Heartfelt greetings for the creative and scientific work of national value, the author Jusuf Buxhovi was sent by many participants, including the Albanian ambassadors Besnik Mustafaj, Islam Lauka and Malaj.
The granddaughter of the writer and diplomat, Mr. was also present at the meeting. Martin Camaj, Mrs. Vera Camaj to whom the American publisher, as well as others who express interest in Buxhov's works, undertook to donate all the author's books. Mrs. Vera Camaj greeted the author and praised him with the epithet "Honor of the Nation". In the absence of the author, the publisher Mr. Tafilaj signed the works of Buxhov to the audience../ED-21Media