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Government approves concept paper on vetting

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The Government of Kosovo has approved the concept paper for drafting vetting in justice. At today's meeting, vetting was considered important in strengthening justice and democracy in the country.

The Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, said that the vetting will be attempted through constitutional amendments, but as a second option is the relevant legal changes.

"The working group established by the Ministry of Justice have drafted the concept document and proposed the methodology of its progress through the voting of constitutional amendments that would allow sufficient space for drafting the law on vetting. Considering that the current legal overview allows space for the vetting process to be completed by amending the relevant laws, the Working Group has proposed as a second option legal changes. The first phase of the vetting will cover the evaluation of the members of the Judicial and Prosecutorial Council, the office of the Chief State Prosecutor, the Supreme Court, consequently the senior management positions. Vetting will be done through a mechanism independent of judges and not judges elected by the Assembly and the presidency for the sake of balancing powers with an international presence… concept paper ahead we pave the way for this important process for strengthening justice and democracy in our state ", he said.

The approval of this concept document was also welcomed by the Minister of Justice, Albulena Haxhiu, who said that the executive is committed to reforms in the rule of law.

"The rule of law is very important, so more than ever we are determined to have important rule of law reforms. To have integrity and professionalism in the institutions of justice and to restore the trust of the citizens ", she said.

Vetting in justice has been a long-standing promise of the ruling party, Vetëvendosje Movement.