Mehaj: The main goal is the maximum commitment for NATO and EU membership

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During his stay in the United States of America, the Minister of Defense Armend Mehaj, visited the US National Security Council.

At the Kosovo Embassy in the US, he met with the Director for the Balkans and Central Europe, Robin S. Brooks. On this occasion, the Minister informed Brooks about the commitment of the Government of Kosovo in the field of security and defense.

They also discussed regional security, foreign influences and changes in the global security environment. For her part, Brooks praised Minister Mehaj's vision and objectives for the future, with special emphasis on his commitment to increasing transparency and institutional accountability.

She pledged to work closely to realize the priorities of the Government of Kosovo as well as the strategic goals of the Ministry of Defense.

Afterwards, Mehaj continued his agenda with a visit to the Atlantic Council, in Washington DC, where in front of many former diplomats, ambassadors and many experts of our region, security issues and international relations, he addressed them, introducing them to the vision and priorities. Strategy of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo in general and in the field of security and defense in particular.

He also stressed that the government's vision is sustainable economic development and Euro-Atlantic orientation.

"Among our main strategic goals as a state and government, is the maximum commitment to NATO and EU membership. "Therefore, from our scope as Minister of Defense, we are focused on the development and modernization of the Defense Forces according to the most advanced standards of NATO member and partner countries to be effectively interoperable in joint peacekeeping and stability missions." , stressed Mehaj.

"With special emphasis, in addition to the maximum appreciation and gratitude for the support from the US so far, the Minister reminded those present that the partnership of the Republic of Kosovo with the US is vital and irreplaceable and that we will do our utmost to strengthen this partnership. more in all respects. "The Atlantic Council is an American think tank in the field of international affairs, established in 1961. It manages ten regional centers and functional programs related to international security and global economic prosperity," the statement said.21Media