The number of world medalists from Kosovo in Olympic sports is increasing

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Donjeta Sadiku's bronze medal at the Women's World Boxing Championship was historic for Kosovar boxing, but not for our sport. The Kosovar boxer climbed the podium in the category up to 60 kilograms, in which case she entered among the athletes with world medals for seniors.

Her medal brought to eight the number of our athletes who have climbed the world podium, informed today the Kosovo Olympic Committee.

Most of them are from judo, led by Majlinda Kelmendi. The Rio 2016 Olympic champion, has two world gold medals in 2013 and 2014, as well as a bronze in 2019.

Other judokas, Olympic champion Distria Krasniqi and Loriana Kuka, also have bronze medals from 2019, while Nora Gjakova won the same medal last year, about a month before becoming the Olympic champion in Tokyo 2020.

From other sports, the world medalist is also the karate player Herolind Nishevci. Although karate is not an Olympic sport, he won the bronze medal in October 2016, when karate was on the program of the Olympic Games for "Tokyo 2020". Nishevci remains the only athlete from the men's competition, with world medals from Olympic sports.

Kosovo counts other world medals, but not from Olympic sports, such as bodybuilding, university sports, e-sports, etc.