Peci: Forestry sector policies will be based on strategy

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The Working Group for Drafting the Forestry Strategy 2021-2030, has held today the last meeting for the finalization of this strategy, which is expected to be sent during these days for approval to the Government of Kosovo.

The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, Faton Peci, has estimated that this will make it possible for the policies for the advancement of the forestry sector to be based on the Strategy for Forestry 2021-2030, which is drafted based on the Strategy of the EU for Forestry 2021, and is structured according to the criteria agreed by the Forests of Europe.

He said that through this strategy, which is in the process of harmonizing with the policies and priorities of the global agenda in the last 50 years, aim to address the concerns and challenges faced by the forestry sector in Kosovo.

"Forests are of strategic importance and should explore opportunities to increase economic, social and environmental value by building the capacity of functional forest management. Consequently, a functional management increases employment opportunities, advances rural areas as the multi-purpose use of forest resources is applied. "Forestry should also be seen as a sector, which develops and strengthens the public-private partnership and through the Forestry Strategy 2021-2030 we will create mechanisms that protect the sector from illegal logging, fires and other possible degradations," said Peci. .

Otherwise, in order to inter-institutional coordination for forest protection and conservation, Minister Faton Peci during this year has established the Inter-Institutional Task Force, which this week will approve its regulation and the Annual Action Plan for the prevention and reduction of illegal logging in forests.