Vucic: Kurti and his government are harassing Serbs

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The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vuiqi., Has said that Albin Kurti is harassing the Serbs because the latter clearly showed what they want.

"Their vote is a vote for Serbia," Vucic said today after Serbs from Kosovo voted for the first time abroad.

He further added that Serbia is with its people in Kosovo and together with them will make decisions in the future, writes Kossev.

As special units of the Kosovo Police have been deployed at several checkpoints in the north, Vucic has called it 'harassment' by Albin Kurti and his government.

"It is not surprising, given everything that Albin Kurti and his government are doing - harassment, harassment of Serbs, sending special units, setting up checkpoints every 15 kilometers, harassment and harassment of Serbs in Klina in "Osojane and everywhere and in all enclaves, but I think that Serbs yesterday unequivocally said what they wanted through the representatives of their Serbian List and today showed that the vote of Kosovo Serbs is a vote for Serbia," he said.21Media