One baby died from Covid-19

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The Ministry of Health in Northern Macedonia announced that the Institute for Public Health in the report submitted today registered a six-month-old baby dead, which in the register "TerminiIm" is listed as having died on 03.01.2022.

According to the data from the Pediatric Surgery Clinic, this is a child with a congenital skull anomaly. The baby was admitted to the Neurosurgery Clinic due to surgical intervention. After a positive test result, the child is placed in isolation in the respiratory tract and given appropriate therapy.

"For the purpose of postoperative treatment, the child was hospitalized in the Clinic for Pediatric Surgery. After a continuous period of general bad condition (with respiratory and hepatic insufficiency and tests with results in support of diffuse intravascular coagulopathy) during the stay in the Clinic, on 03.01.2022 comes to the deterioration of the general condition. The doctors of the Clinic took all measures for intensive treatment and resuscitation, but in addition, unfortunately, the little patient died ", inform from the Ministry of Health in Northern Macedonia./21Media