Everything is ready, Leonora Jakupi shows the release date of the new album

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Singer Leonora Jakupi has given good news to fans of her music.

She has announced that she has been working on the new album that will be released on Friday. The album will contain five new songs that the singer calls precious stones.

For the new songs, Leonora has collaborated with Armend Rexhepagic and Aida Barak.

"My dearest tonight is presenting you with a mini Album which will be at your disposal on Friday, December 10th! These 5 songs are actually 5 gems for me personally because I have worked with my friends, but not only, with those who I set the first stone in my music career, Armendi and Aida have been the ones I have I worked on my first album, I grew up with their music, I cried with their lyrics and I have the pleasure to give and convey to the public a part of my soul and their soul. "They took me back in time in every verse and in every note from the moment I was when I started my music career, in 96 when everything was more difficult, a lot of sadness and pain of the soul were healed through music", wrote the singer.

Leonora shared a short video on Instagram, as she thanked all the collaborators in this project./21Media


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