"Ugly Betty" returns after 21 years with a new season

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The good news arrives for fans of series and soap operas, in addition to fans of Betty, la fea, the Colombian production that won the hearts of millions of people around the world, the protagonists of this story agreed to collaborate again on a project. which is expected to be broadcast in 2023, reports the rtv21.tv portal

Ana María Orozco (Betty) and Jorge Enrique Abello (Armando) will be part of the series which will be produced by Onceloops Media.

Apparently, these two companies have prepared an innovative project in which they will present two versions of the same story, in order to lead the viewer on a path of speculation and mystery, in order to answer questions about the future of the couple main.

"It is an unprecedented project where the viewer will face an imaginary experience on screen like never before. The big question is: will the most iconic couple in the world of soap operas get divorced? ” Describes the company statement for the Produ portal, which confirmed the reunion in the registration set of Orozco and Abello, 21 years after Ugly Betty.

Although at the moment these two characters have not mentioned the project on social networks or official announcements, the companies that share the co-production of the series claimed that they have expectations to give me for the latest story of the famous couple, rtv21.tv portal reports.

"We have not had a project in hand for a long time that could cause the international sensation that this series will achieve. We have tremendous expectations and the friendly clients who have heard about the project assure us how successful it will be ", said Roxana Rotundo, current CEO of VIP 2000 TV, referring to the sensation that the project can cause.

Apparently, the producers aim to become a worldwide success, as they will work to high standards. "Thanks to the joint work of VIP 2000 and Onceloops we managed to unite this duo, which due to the creativity of the content for a theme that touches us all and a production of high international standard, makes this project what it will be an icon. ” , were the words of Sebastián Mellino, who is the creator of the series and CEO of Onceloops.

On the other hand, Rosalind Rotundo, Vice President of Sales at TV VIP 2000, assured that one of the advantages of this project is that it adapts directly to the changes that are taking place in the audiovisual world.21Media