The blockades in North Mitrovica and Rudare are withdrawn

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The blockades placed on the highway Prishtina-Raska, respectively in the settlement in Rudara, in the Municipality of Zvecan, as well as those located in the Bosniak Quarter in North Mitrovica, were withdrawn in the evening hours of Wednesday.

These blockades were imposed earlier on October 13 by local Serbs as a sign of dissatisfaction with the action of the Kosovo Police and Customs against the smuggling of goods.

The action took place in several cities in Kosovo, including those in the north.

So far, according to authorities, ten police officers and ten citizens have been injured in North Mitrovica, while eight people have been arrested or detained. Also, ten people suspected of involvement in smuggling of goods have been declared wanted.

Authorities in Kosovo have said that during the action were smuggled goods worth hundreds of thousands of euros.

The Minister of Internal Affairs in Kosovo, Xhelal Sveçla, said on Wednesday that the action of the Kosovo Police and Customs against the smuggling of goods is part of the fight of the Kosovo authorities against smuggling and tax evasion.

"This operation is not directed against any nationality. This operation is directed against criminals who have smuggled goods illegally in Kosovo. "The prosecutor in the case is a Serb, the pre-trial judge is a Serb, the members of the rapid reaction unit in North Mitrovica are mostly Serbs, most of those arrested are Albanians, most of the wanted are Albanians," Sveçla said.