In her late 50s, Natasha Klauss is getting married for the first time

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Natasha Klauss has dressed as a bride many times in soap operas, but has never done so in real life. On Friday, June 17, the Colombian actress will marry her partner, Daniel Gómez, in a "very special ceremony" in her hometown, Colombia.

"I have never been married in my life. I have had two other relationships throughout my years, but I have never done such a ceremony. It's the first time i'm going to dress in white […] and i'm very nervous, i'm anxious, i'm waiting më The funniest thing is that daniel and i have been living together for almost 2 years, but this is something special to me because "I never did," said Klaus, who. Recently shared with emotion on her Instagram account, Sara Elizondo plays in the second season of "Secret Passions", reports the portal

Natasha, who is ready to reach 2 million followers on Instagram alone, has announced that although she would like to get married in church, she would not have a religious wedding.

"She will be with a mom from the Sierra Nevada. "A mamo is like a priest, so to speak, from an indigenous community in the Sierra Nevada. It's a special ceremony," said the 46-year-old.

Will her friends from "Secret Passions" be invited?

Natasha also said it will be a "family party" and "super small", so only her family and closest friends will be able to attend.

"To do it on a larger scale and already share it with people who are more like your colleagues and this requires a different dynamic and such a marriage is not possible at this time," she explained.

Who is her fiancé?

Natasha's next husband's name is Daniel Gómez and he has a comprehensive disinfection company against Covid-19. Exactly, the actress met him two years ago in the middle of the panemia when he hired his company to disinfect her house.

"Every day I wake up more in love with you. Thank God we have had great moments, good and bad. These moments have made us grow as people and as a couple, especially the difficult ones. In those moments we bring out the best in each other to be better and better partners. Hopefully this love will last over time and we will become loved. I love you very much ", were the words that Daniel has recently dedicated to Natasha on social networks.

The businessman has a 10-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. While Kaluss also has a 21 year old daughter./ 21Media