The largest site of stolen credit cards closes

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The largest illegal market administrators in the obscure network for stolen credit cards are retiring after earning around $ 358 million (260 XNUMX million).

Anonymous UniCC owners thanked the criminal fraternity for their business, citing age and health for the closure.

Many other illegal dark grid markets have also been voluntarily shut down during the winter for unknown reasons.

Police say the trend leaves them with mixed feelings.

Dark network is a part of the internet accessible only through special browsing software.

Cryptocurrency experts at Elliptic analysts tracked hundreds of millions of dollars in crypto-payments made at UniCC.

UniCC posted on darknet forums in Russian and English saying "our team is retiring".

Anonymous criminals added: "We are not young and our health does not allow us to work like this anymore."

UniCC has been active since 2013 with tens of thousands of new stolen credit cards listed for sale in the market every day.

Hundreds of millions of payment card details were stolen from online retailers, banks and payment companies before being sold in online markets like UniCC.

These stolen cards have value because they can be used to buy high value items or gift cards, which can then be resold for cash./ 21Media