Diaspora votes for Gjilan

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From the counting of diaspora votes in the Municipality of Gjilan, Alban Hyseni of LVV had an advantage of 261 votes over Lutfi Haziri of LDK, which was ranked second.

According to the CEC, the result of the diaspora in Gjilan is for 100 votes in favor of Alban Hyseni of LVV in relation to Lutfi Haziri of LDK.

Alban Hyseni (LVV) - 199 votes

Lutfi Haziri (LDK) - 99 votes

Leonora Morina-Bunjaku (PDK) - 20 votes

Lulzim Bexheti - 4 votes

Gani Neziri - 1 vote

Nazim Gagica - 1 vote./ 21Media