Eight children in Kabul die of starvation

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An ethnic Hazara political leader and former member of Afghanistan's parliament said the bodies of eight starving children who had died of starvation were found in western Kabul.

In a statement posted on Facebook, Mohammad Mohaqic said the children died about three weeks ago in a neighborhood in Kabul's 13th district. He said they were buried by a local mullah and neighborhood residents, where their bodies were found.

A local mullah, Mohammad Ali Bamian gave more details about the deaths of the children. According to him, the oldest was eight years old and the youngest was one and a half years old.

"They had no one. "Their parents died and they had no relatives," said Bamiani.

Bamiani said he had entered the house where the children's bodies were found.

He said "they were so hungry that they could not stretch their legs."

The Taliban-led government has not yet commented on the deaths.

The United Nations has warned that Afghanistan will face a major humanitarian crisis, including mass starvation, if humanitarian aid is not delivered quickly.

UN agencies have said that as winter approaches, some 18 million Afghans are in desperate need of food and shelter.

International aid, on which many Afghans have relied for the past two decades, has stalled since the Taliban took power in August.