Even a young man in America similar to the one from Kosovo dresses in the old fashioned way

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Xavier Layton is a 20-year-old student from Texas who is really obsessed after the 1800s.

So much so that he is rarely seen without his Victorian dress - top hat and all, reports the portal rtv21.tv

Having started dressing formally at a young age, Xavier thinks it is normal for her to dress this way. However, the choice is not cheap, with his most expensive outfit costing almost £ 900.

"My family regularly calls me an old man, but it does not bother me because it is true," said Xavier.

"My parents are my biggest supporters, they help me find clothes and buy things for me for my birthday and Christmas.

"They have supported my taste in fashion since I was a child, they allowed me to choose my own clothes to wear from an early age, they are the kind of parents who did not buy what they wanted me to wear and left me to decide.

"I may be a Gen Z, but mentally I am a 70-year-old.

He continued: “I started dressing this way from 2018, when I was about 16 years old. That it has become so normal for me now.

Due to high temperatures in Texas during the summer months, Xavier is often unable to wear the full dress.

"It gets quite warm in Texas, so I don't always wear all the clothes, and since a lot of them are made of wool, it can be very warm," he said.

Xavier notes that he has a special interest in history and this has inspired his preference for style.

"Charles Dickens is one of my favorite people, so I think that's why I like the 1840s so much," he added.

"When I'm not studying or working, I spend my days working on my social media profiles and creating new content. I also tried to make some clothes.

"These items can become quite expensive because they are not the things you will buy right away, they are more investments.

"The only other items I get from England are the collars of my T-shirts, but everything else I can easily find in the US."

In Kosovo is also known the young man from Llap, Yll Raçi who prefers the lifestyle of past eras. He wears the clothes of the elderly and plis./21Media