Filipce: The epidemiological situation is calm

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The Minister of Health in Northern Macedonia, Venko Filipce, speaking about the screening in schools, assured that the epidemiological situation with Covid-19 is calm and that there are no infected and hospitalized children.

What we want to achieve by testing students in schools - screening, is to see if there are asymptomatic sick children.

"The epidemiological situation is now mostly calm. We have no sick children, we have no hospitalized children. 10 to 15 children are in Kozle and there are no other hospitals. "There is no data on transmission in schools, but it is important to know if we would eventually detect asymptomatic cases of the virus in children", said Filipçe, TV21 reports.

In a statement earlier announced that the screening model is ready and that from tomorrow will begin obtaining consent from parents to test their student children.

He also spoke about the epidemiological situation outside educational institutions.

"Now the situation is really calm. There is no queue in front of the Public Health Centers… Now there are really no new people waiting to be tested and there is no evidence that there are no appointments ", said Venko Filipçe./TV21