Four cars damaged in the north, one of them with two foreign nationals

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Kosovo Police announced that yesterday in the north of the country four vehicles were damaged. According to the police, the cars were damaged in Zvecan and in one of them there were two foreign citizens.

It is known that three damaged cars were parked, while the car with foreign nationals was in motion. Police did not report any injuries or arrests.

Complete cases according to the police:

• Rr. King Petri, Zvecan, 13.10.2021 - 11:10. It was reported that by a group of citizens who were gathered near the iron bridge, the rear window of a vehicle was hit and damaged. The vehicle had been moving and there were two male foreign nationals in it. Police units have dealt with the case and no injuries have been reported.

• Zveçan, 13.10.2021 - NN. The Kosovar male victim reported that a group of citizens who had gathered as a sign of dissatisfaction with the police activities had damaged his car which had been parked in front of a bar. Police units have dealt with the case and are not reported to have been injured or arrested.

• Rr Lole Ribar, Mitrovica North, 13.10.2021-09: 30. The Kosovar male complainant reported that his two vehicles were damaged by unknown persons, while no arrests were reported. The case is being investigated.

Albanian and Serbian police, citizens and journalists were injured during a protest by local Serbs against the action of the Kosovo Police to combat smuggling of goods, which took place yesterday in several cities of Kosovo. Eight people have been arrested while ten others are wanted.21Media