Gërvalla: Serbia must accept the reality of an independent Kosovo and the crimes committed

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Donika Gërvalla, in the framework of her official visit to Albania, participated in the Foreign Policy Forum organized by the Albanian Institute for International Studies, on the topic "Kosovo's Foreign Policy".

In front of a wide audience of diplomatic, institutional, civil society and media representatives, Gërvalla outlined Kosovo's foreign policy priorities focusing on the priorities, challenges and reforms that have followed the diplomacy sector over the years.

She explained that the new Government of Kosovo, in addition to the commitment to strengthening the rule of law, economic development, equality and welfare for the citizens of Kosovo, is very focused on strengthening its international subjectivity through integration of membership in international organizations, improving service external, lobbying strategy for new acquaintances and diplomatic, cultural and economic promotion.

"Our foreign policy is based on the principles of cooperation and good neighborly relations, contributing to peace and security in the region and beyond. "In this spirit, the Republic of Kosovo has resumed talks with Serbia in order to normalize relations and achieve mutual recognition," she said.

Further, the Minister explained the attitudes and principles of the Kosovar side in this dialogue, which he said should be fair and equal.

Gërvalla said that Serbia must accept the reality of an independent Kosovo and also accept the truth about the crimes committed in the past.

"At the same time, the dialogue should treat the parties as equals at the roundtable. "The solutions offered by this dialogue must be realistic, useful and necessary for our citizens," she underlined.

In addition to the issue of dialogue, Kosovo as a new state, has said that it has a number of tasks that it is dealing with to meet the European agenda and strengthen its international subjectivity.

The Republic of Kosovo, thanks to the help of its allies, the United States of America, but also other countries, has managed to have excellent relations with many countries around the world. In this regard, he stressed that he is very committed to increase the number of new acquaintances, memberships in various international organizations and initiatives. But he also mentioned the efforts to attract foreign investors which would go in favor of creating new jobs for young people in Kosovo.

He also spoke about regional cooperation. At this point, the Minister stressed the commitment of the Government of Kosovo to reach joint agreements for the benefit of citizens in the framework of the Berlin Process, which having the EU within offers a greater security and stability than any other initiative. for the countries of the Western Balkans.

Gërvalla added that Kosovo is a member of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. He also mentioned the fact that Kosovo has signed a Stabilization and Association Agreement with the EU.

"The main aspiration, in addition to EU integration, remains NATO membership," said Gërvalla, among other things, focusing on minority rights and the high standards that Kosovo applies for their treatment, which are seen as a positive example.

Furthermore, Gërvalla responded to the high interest of the forum participants regarding issues of concrete Kosovo-Albania cooperation, regional cooperation, Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, the progress of the electoral process and many other foreign policy issues.21Media