Good news from the Government for new mothers

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Unemployed mothers in the last 12 months will receive financial support of 170 Euros for 6 months, while those employed will receive financial support of 170 Euros for 3 months, in addition to regular maternity leave compensation.

Young mothers over 18 years of age, who have given birth to a baby in the last three months, can apply for support by filling out the application form on the electronic platform "eKosova" with the applicant's personal data, bank account number and personal number of baby ", announced eKosova within the Government Kurti II through a post on" Facebook ", in order to inform women who have now become mothers that financial support for all new mothers continues!

This financial support was initiated in order to strengthen the financial position of women in society, which consequently translates into increased welfare and social equality. Prime Minister Albin Kurti had said that “Equality is achieved when the opportunities and support provided take into account the needs and circumstances of different to have an equal result "./21Media