Haradinaj reacts to the action in the north: Kurti to clarify if he did it for the campaign

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The President of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK), Ramush Haradinaj has reacted after today's action of the Kosovo Police against smuggling in northern Kosovo and in the region of Pristina and Peja.

Haradinaj said that the bandits who attacked the police should be imprisoned.

He also said that the state should be uncompromising towards them.

"No one has the right to raise his hand against the Kosovo police. Hooligans and bandits must be imprisoned and the state must be uncompromising towards them. "Anyone who attacks the Kosovo police and disturbs public order must receive the punishment he deserves," he wrote.

The head of the AAK further stated that the government has a duty to explain why it has decided to carry out such operations during campaigns.

"If possible, any dilemma should be removed, because these actions may have been carried out for electoral effects," he wrote.21Media