How much money did Fury and Wilder earn after the third showdown between them

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Tyson Fury has managed to win the trilogy against Deontay Wilder in an extraordinary match in Las Vegas.

Fury won after knocking out the American in the 11th round who could no longer stand up.

But this confrontation has also brought record income to the two boxers, as they have earned millions of dollars.

The British boxer was guaranteed $ 30 million (milionë 22 million, € 26 million) and 60% of the proceeds paid for views.

Meanwhile, Wilder, who suffered a loss, was guaranteed $ 20 million (milionë 15 million, € 17 million) and 40% of the money coming from the looks.

This is the huge amount that boxers have won from the three confrontations they have had between themselves.

The first time they fought in 2018, boxers were reportedly guaranteed $ XNUMX million (Wilder) and $ XNUMX million (Tyson).

In their second fight in 2020, the two fighters were guaranteed a $ XNUMX million purse plus a percentage of the profits paid for sight.

The two boxers returned home with a sum of about $ 25 million after PPV was added there as well.