Hykolli - Government: Do not ignore us and open the door to social dialogue

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The head of the union Atdhe Hykolli, welcoming the workers in protest, said that BSPK is the largest union in the Balkans.

The protests, according to him, are bells and alarms that invite attention, that reveal the demands of the people.

Hykolli said that today they gathered to remind the Government of Kosovo that "we employees expect their attention, work and actions and fulfillment of the promises for which we have chosen them, writes rtv21.tv

"Do not ignore us and open the door to social dialogue. Our concerns are real, common and concerns that you are aware of. No delay of the draft law on Wages, which should have already been approved and would regulate the salary system as it should be, but no neglect and disregard does not leave you ", said Hykolli.

"The Law on Wages cannot be made by name and surname, but the law must be made to create a uniform system of salaries in the public sector. To include principles and rules, and wage setting in the public sector. As well as to create a transparent system of manageable salaries and bonuses ", he said, adding that above all a law that rewards the sweat of work properly and properly.

Further, Hykolli emphasized that they are here together to say that until this happens they want and reasonably ask for a salary increase of 100 euros for all employees./21Media