Jasharaj: I also noticed on the bus that citizens see me as an enemy

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The President of the United Trade Union of Education, Science and Culture of Kosovo (SBAShK), Rrahman Jasharaj, tonight on "Argument Plus" of RTV21 said that the last salary increase was made in January 2018 by 4%.

"It is a bad thing that has been spread in the public and I am not saying this for advertising, I travel every day by bus every day Peja-Prishtina, Prishtina-Peja, I investigate on the bus a feeling that I understand that the citizens are tired with poverty and I understand when talking only about us, they sometimes see us, especially me as an enemy ", said Jasharaj, writes rtv21.tv

He added that SBAShK is asking the Government to fulfill their demands and that they will tell teachers that their demands are being met and to sit down and do something to continuously improve the quality of education.21Media