Jashari: It is a shame to stay in America, come out here and tell the truth

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The chairman of SBASHK, Rrahaman Jashari in today's workers' protest called on the Government to fulfill the demands of the workers, otherwise, as he said, other measures will be taken. He addressed the Government, saying that now the Kosovo workshop is speaking.

"It is a shame to stay in the shadows in America and elsewhere and not stay here and tell the truth in front of these people who are sitting in the sun," said Jashari.

He warned of tougher action if not invited to talks.

"After this protest, there will be serious actions which we do not want, but you seem to love them. The silence of the government, the escape from the dialogue shows that we are right. that our demands are legitimate. We want the Law on Wages, but not a law that someone works for us, but a law that we work on as well. These are people who even in the 90s said no to the occupiers, they said yes to Kosovo, and these people now that they were from Kosovo are retiring in old age and the state is making fun of them. ", Said Jashari, adding that if no measures are taken, general strikes will take place.21Media