Jennifer Lopez talks about sacrifices after fame like never before in new Netflix documentary

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Jennifer López talks like never before about the sacrifices and challenges behind her fame and success story. The Bronx diva cries, laughs and dances in the new documentary Halftime, which premieres June 14 on Netflix.

A trailer for the documentary shows how JLO, 52, prepared for her appearance in the first part of Super Bowl with Shakira in 2020. She also shows her life behind the scenes, such as her love affair with Ben Affleck and family life, portal reports

The documentary will be screened on June 8 at the Tribeca Film Festival and will then be screened on Netflix. In the preview, López talks about how the criticism and labeling of the press by her as a "diva" have affected her, due to numerous engagements and weddings. "I really believed what they said," says the multifaceted artist.

In the video we see a vulnerable Jennifer López, crying and struggling to strengthen her self-esteem. "It was difficult. "I had very low self-esteem," says romantic comedy star Marry Me. "I really needed to find out who I was and believe in that."

Her fiancé, actor Ben Affleck, also talks about his girlfriend in the documentary.

The video shows how demanding the Bronx Diva is with its choreography and professional projects. She also reveals her aspect as a mother, revealing gentle moments with her 14-year-old twins Max and Emme.

The actress and singer talks about her performance in Hustlers and how it felt to not be nominated for an Oscar for this role. "I do not do this for a price," says JLO. "I do this to connect people and make them feel things, because I want to feel something."21Media