Kosovo does not have a list of names prohibited by law

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In Albania, a few years ago, a list of names that are forbidden to be given to newborn children was approved. Some of the names on the banned list are very common in Kosovo.

Kosovo does not yet have such a list of inappropriate or banned names.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) for the rtv21.tv portal has confirmed that no list has been provided that would be banned. While emphasizing that the naming is done according to Law No. 02 / L-118.

"We inform you that the assignment of personal name is done according to Law no. 02 / L-118 on Personal Name. As for the list of names prohibited by law and bylaws, there is no list of names that would be prohibited from being assigned to citizens ", it is said in the response of the Ministry of Interior for rtv21.tv.

Some time ago, a Kosovar old man had become a hit with the name he bore in official documents, his name was "Bubrrec"! And from the names of women there are also Filane. Then, there are names like "Shkurtë" and "Funde" which in Albania are already banned.

Names prohibited by law in Albania: Ankim, Arancata, Avash, Bretk, Berr, Burgim, Ballokume, Car, Cub, Currane, Currele, Careva, Carina, Cbane, Dert, Derman, Dovle, Durak, Ekran, Eros, Ferman, Federate, Fodulle, Gazep, Gallata, Mistakes, Groshe, Gjezap, Hyzmet, Hice, Hafije, Helme, Ironi, Jermsine, Keqan, Evil, Krajlice, Levere, Meze, Meshire, Mjafte, Mjaftime, Mjaftoni, Mbarime, Mbete, Kl Close, Marrezi Ndalim, Pikellime, Pafate, , Rike, Rakita, Spece, Sose, Stenate, Sherre, Shkurte, Shkurtime, Wajtime, Xhenaze, Zehere./21Media