The CEC has received about 5 alleged packages of ballots

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Valmir Elezi, spokesman of the Central Election Commission, announced that in the Counting and Results Center, after receiving the election material from all polling stations, data is being entered into the system from the results forms of candidates for mayors.

After the completion of the procedures in the CRC, Elezi said that they will have an accurate list of the number of conditional votes and votes of persons with special needs. Also, the CEC voting service is verifying the alleged envelopes with ballots from outside Kosovo, which arrived during the period September 15 - October 15.

During this period, the CEC has received about 5 alleged packages of ballots.

"During the verification process we will have a clear picture of the exact number of ballots and whether they were sent by voters belonging to the voter list outside Kosovo. Once all these activities are completed, then we will start counting the conditional votes; votes of persons with special needs and votes received by mail. This will be done during the following days and we plan to conclude it during this week ", said Elezi.

In the press conference, Elezi said that knowing that the second round of elections, according to the law on local elections, should be held 4 weeks after the first round, the CEC is focused on completing all procedures related to the elections for mayors, ie to announce and certify their final results, in order to meet the legal deadlines.

He further stressed that the CEC will determine with a decision the period of the election campaign for political entities and their candidates for the second round of elections for mayors.

"Regarding the elections for municipal assemblies, I would like to inform you that here in the CRC, data are being entered into the system from the results forms of political entities and candidates", concluded Elezi./21Media