Kurti in Skopje: Crime and corruption are multiethnic, we will fight it all over the country

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The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, at the Economic Summit in Skopje, said that his government is fighting corruption and multiethnic organized crime.

Kurti also reiterated that they will not support any initiative of the Western Balkans, which does not include the European Union.

At this summit, Kurti was also asked about the stability in Kosovo, on this occasion he commented on the police action against smuggled goods in several cities of the country, including the north. Regarding the situation in the north of Mitrovica, Kurti said that Serbian and Albanian criminals cooperate well with each other, however he said that corruption and crime will be fought no matter what happens.

"For institutional stability and the rule of law, we are fighting corruption and organized crime, which is multiethnic. Serbian criminals and Albanian criminals cooperate very well with each other. We want and will fight them no matter what happens. For example, yesterday morning while there was a police operation in the four municipalities of Kosovo and all those who dealt with it, were Serbs, even most of the police, including judges, prosecutors. I think it is wrong to give an ethnic and political context to the fight against corruption as well as organized crime. "We must cooperate as different countries of the Western Balkans against organized crime," he said.

Regarding the integration of the Balkan market, Kurti said that this is possible by implementing the four basic freedoms.

"It is possible to further integrate our economies, implementing the four basic freedoms, integrating into a common market with the EU and as a final issue EU accession. But, as a social democrat, I believe in equality for men and women to work, train and succeed for their part. But, we should see all these as interconnected, as it is not possible to move forward while ignoring the events of the past, or ignoring the current reality. "Instead, we must work together, accept each other to face all the challenges we face today," said Kurti.

The Prime Minister at the Skopje summit also said that the European Union is the fate and continent of Kosovo, while he also requested development funds from the EU.

"The EU is our destiny and Europe is the continent for Kosovo. The economy in Kosovo is much better now, but that is why we need more help than before. Not humanitarian aid as in the past, but development funds. Government revenues increased by 30 percent compared to last year, business turnover increased by 30 percent and exports by 60 percent. "2021 is the year where we forecast economic growth of at least 10 percent," he said.