Kurti participated in the open exhibition in honor of activists Gërvalla, Zeka, Mala and Berisha

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After the opening ceremony of the traditional cultural manifestation, the 31st in a row, "Flame of January 2022", which this time was dedicated to the activists of the national cause Jusuf and Bardhosh Gërvalla, Kadri Zeka, Rexhep Mala and Nuhi Berisha, the Prime Minister, Albin Kurti , visited the open exhibition at the Gjilan Theater, entitled "Resistance", which exhibited paintings by 61 Kosovar artists.

In his speech, Kurti considered the opening of the exhibition appropriate, given that the activists Gërvalla, Zeka, Mala and Berisha, in addition to activists of the national cause were also artistic creators.

The Prime Minister said that during his visit to the Gërvallaj tower in the village of Dubovik and their graves on a lime tree which, as he said, is so old that no one knows or is old, he saw the furniture and things of other by Jusuf and Bardhosh, among which there are many artistic instruments.

"There are guitars, but there are also diaries, there is prose and poetry, but there are also songs. It is very good that after the memorial academy that took place in my care today in Prishtina and what happened today in Gjilan, together with the mayor of Gjilan Alban Hyseni we came to this gallery, since all the activists have been not only social creators, but also artistic ", said Kurti.

The Prime Minister stressed that in addition to the writings, speeches they have produced, in addition to the songs they have composed and sung, it is necessary to have painting and drawing, all these creations that are an expression of the creative spirit of the current generation, in so that we can present and communicate our life experiences, feelings, sensations, sensitivities in this form as well.

"I believe I have seen half of this exhibition. I am looking forward to seeing the other half on this side, but I can say that there is talent here, there is a lot of enthusiasm, which should be supported by both local and central institutions because the people who produce, create and build to they make our country even more livable, even more beloved ", said further Kurti.

He thanked all those who supported the exhibition and participated in it, because as he said, the gallery is not only a community of works of art, but also a community of art-loving people.21Media