Kurti: Let us be united to carry out the legacy of martyrs and heroes 

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"January is the month of pain in Albanian history", this is how the Prime Minister Albin Kurti began his speech at the Academy of Flame 2022 in the framework of the 31st anniversary of the national manifestation of culture "Flame of January". He mentioned the death of the national hero Skanderbeg in 1468, the assassination of Isa Boletini in 1916, the death of Ismail Qemajli in 1919, the fall of Rexhep Male and Nuhi Berisha in 1984, the 1999 Recak massacre, all of which took place in January.

But, the Flame of January, is not only a reminder of the pain for the loss of our heroes in the fight for freedom, but also the light of the flame that illuminates the path of our generation and generations to come for a bright future of our Homeland , said Prime Minister Kurti.

"As descendants of entire generations of the Albanian National Movement in Albanian lands, we constantly receive energy from the fire kept burning with their life, work and death by Gjon Sereçi, Metush Krasniqi and the great Adem Demaçi with friends and many leaders of the Albanian National Movement , we receive light from the January Flame of Yusuf, Kadri, Bardhosh, Rexhepi, Nuhi, Zijah, Bajram, Afrim, Fadil and thousands of activists who fell in different eras until the Liberation War of Adem Jashari and the KLA and thousands of martyrs for the Freedom of Kosovo ", he further added, informed the Office of the Prime Minister.

Kurti said that the legacy of the Renaissance that only the union of pens and rifles brings freedom to the people, for the first time was realized in Albanian lands by Jusufi, Kadriu and Bardhoshi with friends.

"Along with the remembrance of Yusuf, Kadri and Bardhosh, today and forever, we remember and honor all those daughters and sons, women and men, girls and boys, who with their lives kept the flame of Freedom burning for centuries. We must learn from their life, deeds and oath for the homeland, therefore all ordinary citizens and bearers of state functions, we must be united to carry out the legacy of our martyrs and heroes ", said in the end Prime Minister Kurti.

Afterwards, Prime Minister Kurti, accompanied by the Mayor of Gjilan, Alban Hyeni, visited the collective exhibition of visual arts in the framework of the national manifestation of culture "Flaka e Janarit".21Media