"Let him represent Kosovo in Eurovision and not Albania", Ramosaj reacts harshly to Doçi: Save brandy on TV

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The participation of Kosovo Albanians in the "Song Festival", is often commented and over-commented by citizens and public figures.

Allegations have often been raised that Albania is not letting Kosovars represent it at Eurovision. This time such a thing was said publicly by the composer Agim Doçi, who was also a member of the jury in the "Song Festival" on ART, last year where the representative song for Eurovision was chosen, writes the portal rtv21.tv

He said in a TV show in the media in Albania that he was asked why the competitor from Kosovo, Alban Ramosaj, did not win the "Song Festival". Doçi replied: Let Ramaosaj represent Kosovo in Eurovision and not Albania.

Such a thing made the singer, Alban Ramosaj, react harshly.

He accused the composer of racism against Kosovo Albanians through an Instagram post.

What should "kill" you is first the racism against the "Kosovo Albanians" as it divides us and labels us, then the smell of communism that emanates from you in this interview. Europe does not make fun of Kosovo or Albania, but of the elections we make and how we allow them to see us over the years. "Since we talked, we have a long list of individuals who make us proud around the world, such as: Dua Lipa, Rita Ora, Ava Max, Bebe Rexha, Ermal Meta, Inva Mula, and many others)", said Ramosaj.

He further reminded Doçi that she was a Kosovo singer who ranked Albania highest in Eurovision so far.

"And since you are happy to separate us, let us go deeper into the nature of your point of view. Was it the same "Kosovo Albanian" that raised us to the highest historical result in Eurosong, or did you forget? Do you remember the name Rona Nishliu? As far as what I am, I am an Albanian! that I even enjoy the name Alban from a father (light paste) very patriotic and with deep knowledge about our history and blood ", continued Ramosaj.

The singer also had a suggestion for the Albanian composer, telling him to save brandy on TV appearances, and also vowed that an Albanian from Kosovo will represent Albania next year.

"I speak 4 foreign languages, I have Albanian and Kosovar passports, I was born in Holland, raised in Albania, originally from Kosovo and residing in Spain, and I am much more Albanian than you and much more European than you. you are nobody to separate us and limit us to represent Mamane-Albania in Europe or anywhere! I suggest you save brandy on TV and represent your age and tell us two or three wise things next time. I wish you were alive for next year and to see how an "Albanian from Kosovo" will represent us! ", concluded Alban Ramosaj.

Alban Ramosaj was ranked second in the Song Festival on RTSH last year, with the song "Theje". This festival was won by Ronela Hajati with "Secret", with which she represented Albania in Eurovision 2022./ 21Media


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