Lottery workers are demanding a change in the law and the payment of wages

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60 employees of the Kosovo Lottery have protested this Monday in front of the building of the Government of Kosovo. Workers are demanding the amendment of the Kosovo Lottery Law and the receipt of salaries.

They also asked to return to work as they have been unemployed for some time now.

The President of the Lottery Union, Shkumbin Goçi, who spoke about the reason for the protest, also stressed that they have requested meetings with representatives of state institutions but that this request has not been taken into account.

He added that they will not stop the protests until their demands are implemented.

"We have a lot of problems, the workers are in a very bad financial situation. We have requested meetings since the last protest we had on Friday, no one has answered us, we have even sent an e-mail, then the same here no one has answered. Even today we will continue and on other days we will protest until our demands regarding the law and salaries and the obligations that the Government owes to us are met. Active workers, we are 60 workers, we are in a regular employment relationship, the financial situation of these workers is very bad, there are 60 families, not 60 workers, no one takes any responsibility for us. "Concrete requests, promises given to us that the law is ready in the ministry of finance, I processed it as soon as possible in the assembly to start working and I fulfill my obligations to employees for salaries," he said.

Zijadin Ramadani, representative of the lottery union in Ferizaj, said that for 30 months they have been neglected by the state. His request is also to return to work and salaries which they have not received for some time now.

"We have come out that we have been without salary for 30 months, without supervision […] the state has left us on the street, there is no supervision over us, I am retiring for another six months but I stayed here until the end. Our demands are to return the labor law to us, to return us to work and to give us salaries because we are innocent, we have nothing. We have tried several times but they do not have an answer, "Ramadani added.

Ibadete Hasani-Berisha also spoke about the promise made for a meeting with the Minister of Finance, Hekuran Murati, but that this meeting never happened.

"We came out for the only reason the approval of the law and the salaries, so we did not come to an understanding with the Government every time negligence after negligence and we were forced and not out of desire to protest. Each time we came out with good will and we expected that someone who came out met me but we never came to an understanding. They sent e-mails, normally something that is completely legal and official and they did not even open them and we did not wait for any response so we were forced and physically we came several times to the Government to meet someone but they did not wait for us. "Last time, two months ago, they promised us a meeting with the Minister of Finance, because there was a block of our law, and they did not reach that meeting, nor did they inform us that it had taken place, and again we went out to protest," she emphasized.

Two years ago, the Assembly of Kosovo approved the law on the closure of gambling in Kosovo, a law which entered into force on May 10, 2019.