Majlinda Kelmendi is declared a citizen with special merits

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The Government of the Republic of Kosovo has approved a proposal - the decision of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports to declare Majlinda Kelmendi - a citizen with special merits.

Considering the contribution she has given to the promotion of the field of sports in Kosovo and to the promotion of our country in the international arena, Majlinda Kelmendi receives the status of a citizen with special merits and will be rewarded in the amount of 1,321.32 euros per month - a value which coincides with the gross salary of a minister in Kosovo.

Kelmendi - with her achievements in the sport of judo has become the icon of Kosovar success and has become an example of our society by breaking all taboos of difficulties and challenges in sports.

Throughout her career, she has touched the pinnacle of the success of the sport of judo in the international arena, being proclaimed World Junior Champion, Winner of several Grand Slams, European Champion, World Champion and Olympic Champion at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games./ 21Media