Man where are you

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Today marks 40 years since the assassination of brothers Gërvalla and Kadri Zeka.

Brothers Jusuf and Bardhosh Gërvalla left behind some melodies and songs which make their talent immortal./ 21Media 

Man where are you

I know very well that I will not write rhymes,
this pen that I inadvertently left in my hand,
I can not call the servants of the devil bridesmaids,
if the same will remain, these verses will breathe.

As for me, let it be ruined,
Keops pyramid,
let Paris and Moscow change places,
let Vesuvius vomit full of bitterness.

Let the dust fall on Newton's laws,
Let Liza s'DaVinci get the price down,
With Beethoven's Ninth Symphony,
let the executioners be taken to the guillotines.

And in the high palaces of culture,
let the dogs roam, do not overdo it,
let the Antarctic slide at the equator,
overnight let Berlin join.

If Socrates were born for the second time,
we would trust a herd of pigs,
disappointed he would drive after merriment and laughter,
we know how much he loved them.

Behind him Diogenes with a lantern in his hand,
would walk around revising,
not propaganda shows,
weak sausages have exposed.