Emigrants in trouble to come to the homeland! AntiCOVID measures have called into question their travels

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The end-of-year holidays are approaching as conditions for travel to European countries are increasing. This may be the reason why citizens living in exile may not be able to visit their families in Northern Macedonia during the winter holidays. TV21 spoke with an expatriate from Switzerland.

"This decision of the Swiss Government is very unaffordable because even if you have the vaccines when you return you will definitely have to have the test, not only for yourself but for all family members, who are over 16 years old and these are expenses of big, then after 4 or 7 days you have to undergo the second test, also all this as a cost has to be paid yourself, I think that will be the big reason that our diaspora this year, I am not saying that I will not they come but they will be in a very small number ", affirmed Kasam Selimi, an emigrant from Switzerland.

Even if you are vaccinated with two doses of antiCOVID vaccines, some states require plus evidence for a negative PCR test, or antigen. Switzerland, Italy, France, the Netherlands and Belgium have such conditions. The latter puts the citizens traveling in this state in the 7-day quarantine and does two tests, one on the first day and one on the seventh, and if the traveler turns out to be negative, he is released from the quarantine. Italy has listed several European countries in the Corona index, including Kosovo and northern Macedonia. Anyone entering Italy from one of these countries must be quarantined for ten days.

"The situation at the level of tourism has not yet returned to normal, there are still restrictive travel measures in most countries, so in Europe, in Italy it is forbidden to travel tourists from Macedonia, with a Macedonian passport can travel only for any event, health reasons, conferences, etc., but not as a tourist, this blockade is until December 15, hopefully the same will change then. In the rest of European countries, entry is allowed, but only with vaccines ", Ana Marija, Owner of the Agency.

The destinations where our citizens can travel only with the vaccine or with a negative test are our neighboring countries, as well as Turkey and Dubai, says the representative of the travel agencies Ana Marija Aleksova.

Meanwhile, the conditions for entry into Macedonia are a negative test or complete immunization against COVID-19.

Otherwise, the European Statistical Office "Eurostat" has published data on air travel in 2020 in the 27 EU member states. This shows that the number of airline passengers in the European Union (EU) decreased by 73,3% in 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic broke out, compared to a year ago. The same Aleksova, owner of a travel agency, said that the number of bookings has dropped significantly./TV21