It is necessary to change the Law on Foreign Service, Minister Gërvalla is criticized

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The need to amend the Law on Foreign Service and meritocracy in diplomacy were emphasized at the roundtable discussion of the Group for Legal and Political Studies on the reform of this institution.

The chairman of the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs, Haki Abazi, said they are working on an advanced legal framework and political will to push forward foreign service reform.

"The mentality of treating the foreign service through an advanced legal framework and political will must be changed. "Through it, it is being discussed that political ambassadors should be represented with a 30 percent quota", he said.

Before a reform in the foreign service, PDK MP Ariana Musliu-Shoshi said that there should be an internal reform in the MFA.

She also criticized Minister Gërvalla, while saying that Kosovo is on a pause in foreign policy.

"External reform must happen with internal reform. The officials who have come to MPJD do not have anything to do anymore, as they do not have a job description, the directors are acting ", she said.

The former ambassador and director of KIPRED, Lulzim Peci, demanded better planning for the foreign service.

Meanwhile, Naser Shamolli from GLPS said that the meritocracy is primary for the foreign service.