North Korea tests a new missile launched by the submarine

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North Korea has confirmed that it has successfully tested a new ballistic missile launched by a submarine on Tuesday.

The state-run newspaper KCNA said the missile had "advanced control guidance technologies" that could make tracking more difficult.

North Korea has conducted a host of weapons tests in recent weeks, launching what it said were hypersonic and long-range weapons.

UN bans it from testing ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons, reports.

Ballistic missiles are considered more threatening than floating missiles because they can carry more powerful payloads, have a longer range, and can fly faster.

North Korean state media on Wednesday said its latest missile had new "control and deployment" technology that allowed it to move sideways. He was also capable of "sliding and jumping". Pictures of the rocket were also published.

It was reported that this rocket was fired from the same submarine that launched an older rocket in a 2016 test.

This missile was one of many new weapons on display at a defense exhibition in Pyongyang last week.

Reports did not mention leader Kim Jong-un, saying he did not take the test.21Media